Guaranteed approval loan- Get guaranteed approval payday loans same day

Guaranteed approval loan- Get guaranteed approval payday loans same day

Get guaranteed approval payday loans same day up to $1500 

Guaranteed approval payday loans of up to € 1,200 in the fifth application and € 400 in the first and the possibility of lowering the interest rate if we refund it on time

Type of loan

Guaranteed approval payday loans

Where to hire guaranteed approval payday loans

Application and contracting for guaranteed approval payday loans through the internet. try CitrusNorth for free.  

Purpose of the loan

No matter the purpose for which it is intended

Cost of € 100 (one hundred Euros) at 30 days (thirty)

The total to be paid would be € 133

Credit Advantages
  • Financing up to 1,200 euros
  • 100% online process
  • Simple and fast, the response in minutes
  • Possibility to extend payments
  • Mobile application (Google Play)


If you need money urgently, Hamilton Online Fast Credits finance up to € 1,200 (fifth application) and € 400 (first application), the process is 100% online, secure, fast and simple. The answer is a matter of minutes and, you can have the money available in just 15 minutes or in 24 hours maximum. To further facilitate the hiring process, it has a website adapted to the format of the smartphone (Google Play) They do not ask for endorsement or direct debit of the payroll. Normally, the mini-credits are refunded in 1 month but, if we return it before the date, we will only pay interest in relation to the days we have had it in our possession. Another of its great advantages is the fact that as we request, the amount and the deadlines for its return will be extended and we can pay it in monthly installments, instead of once. They also offer us the possibility of obtaining extensions in payments. Hamilton offers its clients seriousness, privacy, customer service for the resolution of doubts, total transparency and efficiency, adapting to the needs of each particular case. Thanks to the loyalty program, customers get bonus points, thanks to which they get discounts, extend deadlines and/or level up and be able to request a larger amount.

You can hire with the mobile

Yes, you can hire for the smartphone (it has a web adapted to the format of the smartphone)

APP for fast credits

Yes, accessibility through Google play

It’s easy to use

Yes, the medium for hire is easy to use

It is exclusive for already clients

It is not a product exclusively for Hamilton customers

You need guarantor

Does not require a guarantor

More information about the requirements

The requirements requested by Hamilton are:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Spanish residence
  • Does not require payroll but demonstrable periodic income
  • No paperwork


It is a quick loan

Yes, it is a quick loan with immediate response

Free early refund

Yes, an early return is totally free

Allows ASNEF or similar

Not supported, the mini-loan is denied to clients listed on ASNEF, RAI, etc.

Interest-free credit

No, if you carry an interest charge


The maximum age for a full return

It is not detailed

The minimum age when applying for the loan

It is required to have reached the age of majority (18 years)

The minimum amount that can be requested

A value of 50 Euros

The maximum amount that can be requested

A value of 1,200 Euros (and customers) and 400 Euros (new customers)

More information about limits

There are no more details about it


More information about commissions

Interest charge: A credit of 100 euros for 30 days, would cost us 33 euros. If we are Hamilton customers and we are leveling up, we have the advantage of reducing the interest rate.

Personal payday loan: fixed rate or variable rate?

Personal payday loan: fixed rate or variable rate?

The terms of a consumer credit can vary from one credit to another, whether it is a bank loan or a personal payday loan. The greatest attention to the rate of the loan is required for the signature of a personal payday loan: it is he who determines much of the cost of credit. Two proposals are then offered to the borrower: the fixed rate and the variable rate.

Fixed rate personal payday loan: The most stable

Fixed rate personal loan: The most stable

  • The fixed rate is by definition invariable, it has many advantages for those who prefer stability:

    the rate on the credit agreement at the time of signing remains the same throughout the life of the personal payday loan;

  • the fixed rate makes it possible to repay equivalent maturities each month;
  • the fixed rate provides substantial repayment stability for a long-term personal payday loan;
  • the overall cost of consumer credit is known from the moment of signature;
  • the fixed rate allows a lower rate to be blocked if there is a fear of interest rate increases thereafter.

In return, in the event of a fall in market interest rates, the borrower who opted for a fixed rate for his consumer loan can not benefit from this reduction.

The variable rate: The most flexible

The variable rate: The most flexible

The floating rate differs from the fixed rate since it follows the fluctuations of the market. The rate is indexed to indicators that can modulate it upwards or downwards.

Flexibility that has its advantages:

  • In the event of a drop in interest rates, the borrower thus pays less monthly payments than originally planned;
  • the cost of borrowing can be very attractive in the case of a short-term loan at a time when rates are falling.

But conversely, if the rates increase, the monthly repayments do the same, and the cost of the loan can be very high. The borrower can then, if he wishes to make an early repayment to avoid continuing to suffer increases.

A last possibility is offered to the borrower, it is the capped variable rate. The rate then remains variable, but within a previously defined range. For example, a capped rate of one point may not fall or increase by more than 1%.

How to relate to loans on the web


If you have a good credit rating and if your application is approved, you can get quick money into the account if you take out a loan online. There are many good reasons why these loans have become so popular over the last couple of years, and like most credit cards, there is no documentation for the loan and you do not need to pledge your belongings – in other words, there is talk here about an unsecured loan. However, unlike most credit cards, you can be pleased that the installments on a loan on the web are fixed. This is a clear advantage for most people, as you know how much you spend each month. Depending on how good your credit rating is, it may also be better for you to borrow online than to apply for a credit card.

However, if you want a loan of SEK 3000 today , there are some things that you need to be aware of before you go out and take out a loan. An unsecured loan is a great solution if you do not have any assets that you can deposit or if you do not own any value. However, you should always keep in mind that you are very likely not to get the best price when choosing a loan without collateral. As your creditor runs a greater risk of lending to you, the price is also automatically increased. You should therefore consider what best suits you. We have here collected a few individual tips and tricks for what you should think about before you borrow.

Look around

It is never a good idea to choose the first and best loan that you happen to find when you search on Google. You will quickly find out that each provider has something different to offer, and therefore you cannot assume that you will get the same offer from each provider. Interest rates can thus vary drastically and it is important to keep in mind. When you are looking for the best loan for you, we recommend that you use a loan comparison that can help you find the cheapest online quote. Using a loan comparison is completely free and you can be assured that you only see offers that are relevant to you.

If you have a good credit rating and if you feel it is possible for you to pay off your loan within a relatively short period of time, you may consider applying for a credit card instead. Unlike a loan on the net, in most cases you can be lucky and find certain types of credit cards where the first period is interest-free. Of course, you need to make sure your credit limit is not higher than what you really need , so you won’t spend more than what you can actually afford to pay back.

Keep track of the individual fees

When you have to borrow money – whether you prefer to borrow through the bank or through a loan on the net – it is essential at all times to remember that a loan is of course never completely free. Perhaps you may be lucky to be offered an interest-free period, but sooner or later you will pay for the loan in one way or another. There is, of course, no reason to make it more expensive than what it needs to be, which is why it is extremely important that you look around well. Always remember to read a potential contract thoroughly before signing it – also the small print.

Choose a payment period suitable for you

When you need to borrow money through the web, it is of course also important that you think about how long a payment period you need. In fact, there are many considerations to be made here. Many are tempted to choose a shorter payment period, as they then become faster debt free. What they unfortunately forget is that it can quickly become very expensive to pay a high amount per month. If you enter into an agreement to pay DKK 800 back to your provider a month but fail to repay the money, you risk getting into big financial difficulties. If you miss a payment time and time again, you may risk ending up in the RKI .

Having said that, it is of course also important not to choose an overly long payment period. For example, if you have taken out a loan of less than DKK 5,000, there is no reason to choose a payment period of 6 years. It will be too expensive in the long run. Therefore, always choose a period that you really feel is realistic for you and your current situation. Also remember that your situation may change, so it is better to take off with a little less than a month than you might be able to afford. You can always pay your loan out before time if the opportunity comes.

Make sure you find a real provider

While the market is teeming with reputable loan providers and companies, it is still important to be cautious when choosing to borrow online. Unfortunately, there are still a large number of fake providers trying to lure you to borrow scam through their site.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the provider you choose is real. Therefore, always make sure that your loan provider’s business has a valid CVR number and a genuine customer service that you can call. If you are in doubt, it is best to follow your sensation. Also, check out the web to find reviews of the company from other users – there are several comparison sites on the web so you are sure to find a credible provider.


Personal Loans Online » cheap & fast


Personal Loans & Personal Loans: simple & non-binding

Bank personal loan: compare for free and get a cheap personal loan, whether from a bank or a private person.

Bank offers you cheap personal loans from banks and private individuals. Take advantage of the free loan request and get a non-binding offer. In a few seconds, you will receive an instant confirmation and choose from the offer that you like best. Also, use the free personal loan calculator to compare financings online.

A personal loan is an ideal solution for consumers and individuals to finance a variety of projects. High flexibility and a variety of different offers make the private loan particularly attractive. Collaboration with individuals and banks continues to increase choice and offers opportunities to offer personal loans for the self-employed and consumers at the same time.

How do I apply for a personal loan and what do I need?

The requirements for the application are very simple. The Bank loan is in principle even complete without paper (” instant loan “). For this, we use the online identification and the electronic signature, with which loans are concluded online directly from the smartphone or laptop. The requirements for applying are as follows:

  • Laptop / PC or Smartphone / Tablet
  • Stable Internet access incl. Modern web browser
  • A valid e-mail address
  • German bank account and German residence

The benefits of a personal loan: fast, easy & cheap

Personal loans offer a variety of benefits that can benefit borrowers.

The solution for everyone: Personal loans can be requested by anyone

Private investors, investors or even classic banks: there are countless providers where you can take out a private loan. Bank checks your loan request for a variety of solutions and finds the right financing partner. In addition to banks, we also involve private individuals and specialized finance companies. This increases the chance of a commitment to the loan. Each request will be treated neutral, ie your query will have no effect on your creditworthiness at Bank. If you do not want information, you can also apply for a personal loan without Bank.

A quick comparison of cheap personal loans

Bank compares a variety of financing in its credit marketplace to find the right solution. The special feature: you do not need to register for an initial exam and make an anonymous request for a condition. The request waives both your name and you fill out the personal loan without Bankauskunft. After a few seconds, we offer you a suitable loan solution, which you can conclude immediately online.

Top conditions of banks & individuals

Interest rates on loans are at an almost historic low. Many branch banks, but also online banks compete for customers and therefore offer extremely favorable interest rates. This lowers interest rates on personal loans, which is why borrowers can benefit from cheap loans. Since a personal loan comparison is very easy and fast, you have transparency at all times. With the personal loan calculator, you have all the costs of the loan in view.

Personal loan: the all-rounder for financing

You have an existing mortgage, want to repost old loans or perhaps finance a car with a loan? As an “all-rounder”, personal loans are often the right solution for many types of financing, as both long maturities of up to 120 months (10 years) or small loans over 2,500 euros are possible, for which the credit rating (with or without Bank ) is checked faster. A credit comparison is worthwhile!

Personal loan compare with Bank: transparent & easy

With the anonymous condition request, you can now submit your loan application completely anonymously and without registration. Bank allows credit comparison without personal data and is based on the pre-check based on selected criteria, which check your credit rating and make you a non-binding and free offer. If you are satisfied with the offer, register and complete the information to complete the personal loan online.

Free use: whether car purchase, Dispo compensation or for the holiday trip

A personal loan is not earmarked. This means that you have immediate access to money and can use it for any purpose. Car financing is often earmarked, as well as debt restructuring or 0 percent financing that you take out in the trade. Private loans, on the other hand, can be used flexibly, whether for retail financing or car financing.

In 3 steps to a cheap personal loan

Inquire without obligation
Make a free and non-binding loan request


Check offers
Compare the offers and select the desired personal loan. Get a low-APR Personal Loan.


Secure personal loan
Submit the documents and get a cheap personal loan

Personal loan comparison: which personal loan is the right one?

There are countless providers and credit calculators on the Internet that offer you private loans from banks. But not every loan comparison is really comprehensive. Some comparison portals only show selected offers and even completely dispense with personal loans from private individuals. Therefore, a free personal loan comparison, which also covers loans from private, is worthwhile. Bank compares loans and financing from banks and individuals, which is why the credit check is different. This, in turn, has an impact on the success rate of loan inquiries, as private loans with less than optimal credit ratings are also placed.

In addition to private consumers, self-employment personal loans are an ideal solution when traders seek financing. Traditional banks often do not offer self-employed loans because they specialize in installment loans to consumers. However, Bank’s private loan is also aimed at the self-employed and freelancers (so-called traders) who are rejected by banks. Students can also request a loan if they have a certain basic income. Take advantage of the free loan request and test the personal loan calculator to secure the cheapest private loan.

Fees & Expenses for the Bank Personal Loan

With us you keep track of the fees: a rate, an interest. With the Bank loan, you will receive your effective interest rate immediately after the loan request. There is a choice between up to 5 different offers, which differ in term, interest and monthly rate. The fees of the Bank loan:

conditional request FREE
Loan offer & contract FREE
Digital signature FREE
Early repayment (per quarter) FREE
payment reminder FREE
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) EUR 7.50


What is a personal loan?

“Private” and “credit”: the private loan is basically for consumers and individuals. It does not apply to companies such as public limited companies (AG) or limited liability companies (GmbH). An exception is self-employed, who can get a loan, for example via credit marketplaces like Bank. Bank works with both banks and private investors. This makes the Bank credit marketplace a free credit comparison, which not only provides bank loans but also so-called “peer-to-peer loans” (P2P). Peer-to-peer refers to the lending from private to private. Depending on the provider, this is also referred to as “crowd lending ” or ” private credit “. The money thus comes not from a bank but from private individuals from all over Germany, who in return receive the debit interest. As a result, personal loans are supplemented by a favorable alternative that applies not only to employees, but also to the self-employed and freelancers: the P2P loan.

Personal loan without Bank – how does it work?

A loan request from Bank will not affect your Bank score. This happens for two reasons: first, you make an anonymous request, in which external information is completely omitted. This simplifies the process of applying because we perform a credit comparison without personal information. If you later promise to query the information, your Bank score will still not be affected . Bank does not provide a “credit request”, but only a condition request (“request conditions”), which has no influence on the score of your Bankakte.
Your score will not be changed until a loan has been paid out by a bank. Basically, banks report any credit to the General Collateral Association, which can change your score. With a Bankfreien private loan is generally caution, since only special offerers offer a Bankfreien credit (see: ” Swiss credit “). But a non-Bank credit is not a personal loan without credit check, since every lender – whether a private person or a bank – performs a credit rating. Therefore, it is difficult, if not impossible, to offer a personal loan for the unemployed.

Frequently asked questions about personal loans – we answer them

What is the cost of a personal loan?

The personal loan is completely free to apply. As with other loans, they pay the interest on the loan over a monthly installment. Further fees are only due for late payment, such as dunning costs. These can be found in the price list and can also be found on your contract documents.

How long does it take to pay the personal loan?

The loan application takes about 5 minutes. You then have to identify yourself and sign the contracts. You can do this either by mail or electronically. If you use the electronic signature, Bank will receive the information immediately and will be able to withdraw the loan immediately upon successful verification and given credit rating, at best within 24 hours.

What are the risks of personal loans?

The risks of personal loans are in principle equal to the risks of each loan. There is a risk of default, ie the borrower can no longer pay the monthly installments. This may be due to loss of work, for example. Depending on the risk assessment and the safety situation, a residual debt insurance can be taken out which, for example, assumes the payment of the installments in case of illness or unemployment. Please check individually whether you would like to take out a residual debt insurance.

Is the personal loan financed privately or by a bank?

Bank will decide that individually as soon as you have submitted the loan request. Depending on your individual circumstances, your loan application will be financed by private individuals (peer-to-peer credit) or by traditional online and branch banks (installment credit).


Renovation Loan »immediate payout

Image result for renovation loan

1. Determine rate anonymously

Without registration, submit a free non-binding condition request. You will receive your individual interest rate immediately after confirmation via Mobile.

2. Complete application

Log in and identify yourself online. You do not need printed documents for your application. You can upload your bank statements via your online salary account.

3. Submit application

Print the contracts, sign both documents and drop them in the nearest mailbox. The payment of your loan will be made promptly with the next matching.

That’s how it works advantages conditions Our services repayment

How does the renovation loan from bank work?

With bank you borrow the money directly from the investor. The interest you pay will benefit the people who make the money available to you.
bank itself only receives a small commission to offer you the service for your loan.

Cheap and flexible
We offer you low interest rates and a flexible repayment on your loan.

Anonymous rate determination
Your credit installments will be determined anonymously and without registration for you.

Without documents
You do not need any documents for your loan.

Immediate condition commitment
You will receive an immediate conditional commitment for your loan.

Fast processing
You do not need more than 10 minutes to contract for your loan.

Video Identification
You can easily identify yourself from home or on the go.

running time Borrowing rate * Commission** Eff. APR *
12 months 2.99% 0.25% 3.51%  
24 months 3.46% 0.75% 4.27%  
36 months 3.70% 1.25% 4.62%  
48 months 3.95% 1.50% 4.81%  
60 months 4.10% 1.75% 4.92%  

* The information given here is only an indication by bank. The actual renovation loan interest may differ.
** The commission is dependent on maturity and creditworthiness and is payable once upon payment. These can be found in our price and service specifications.

Our services

With your individual credit account, you can keep track of your credit throughout the term. In your login area, you’ll see all the information about your credit, as well as your personal details and information about the investors who have invested in your credit project.

Condition calculation and loan offer FREE  
Open bank account FREE  
account management FREE  
early repayments (once a quarter) FREE  
payment reminder FREE  
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) EUR 7.50  


Interim repayment & early repayment

  • The loan is repayable at any time
  • Interim repayments can easily be made
  • Refund dates without prepayment penalty can be found in the price and service list

Important informations

What advantages does a bank renovation loan offer me?

Image result for renovation loanbank offers you low interest rates and you can repay your renovation loan flexibly. You will immediately know your individual interest rate and decide whether you want to apply for the renovation loan and register. You do not need to copy and submit us any # # # 3/2 # # bank statements # or salary statements, you just need to log in to your salary account via our interface and easily provide us with your bank statements digitally. Identification and signing can be done from your computer or mobile phone. Thus, you save yourself the way to the post office or to the branch. Only here at bank you can see on our map of Germany who actually receives your paid interest.

Who can apply for a renovation loan from bank?

Only adults who are adults and have a place of residence in Germany can currently apply for a renovation loan. In addition, the borrower must have a mobile phone number and an account with a German bank. A sufficient <# F3 / 2/9 # credit rating #> is a prerequisite for the approval of a loan application.

What can I apply for a renovation loan?

You can freely choose the purpose.

What is the maximum loan amount?

As a private person, you can apply for an amount between 2,500 and a maximum of 25,000 euros. You can choose your desired amount in 100 Euro increments.

What terms can I choose to repay my renovation loan?

You can choose between five different terms. You can repay your renovation loan in 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 monthly installments.

How can I get my individual interest rate without registering?

Image result for renovation loanYou can enter your desired conditions on our homepage. Then enter all the relevant data necessary to calculate your individual interest rate. The prerequisite for actually receiving the interest you have calculated from us is that you enter truthful data. You do not have to tell us your name. All we need is a mobile number from you to tell you your individual interest rate.

Can I take several renovation loans at the same time?

You can take out several renovation loans, provided that your financial situation allows it. Nevertheless, at least 90 days must elapse between individual loan applications.

Who decides whether and on what terms I receive a renovation loan?

We have highly automated risk management. There are also credit experts who make a final decision based on your financial situation. A final commitment can only be made once you have signed and accepted the contract.

Who finances my (e) renovation loan?

Your renovation loan will be awarded by our <# F1 / 1/5 # Service Bank #>. Our service bank can sell your loan receivable to bank Services. This will resell it to the <# F2 / 1/1 # investor #> registered at bank. Investors are individuals and companies who will ultimately co-finance your renovation loan.

What is the brokerage commission for borrowers?

The brokerage commission has already been received in your effective interest rate . You only pay for a successful mediation and only when your loan is paid out. The one-time commission depends on your credit rating and the term of your loan. The current values ​​can be viewed in the price and service specifications.

Can I also invest money as a borrower at bank?

Yes, you can also borrow bank as a borrower <# F2 / 1/1 # #.

I am registered and would like to apply for a renovation loan. What additional information does bank need from me?

Image result for renovation loanbank requires you to have relevant information that is important in calculating your individual interest rate. This mainly includes information on your employment situation, your income, your monthly expenses and your family and wealth situation. To verify your details, you can easily log into your bank’s online banking and provide us with your bank statements digitally. If you do not want this, you will need to upload the bank statements of the last 5 weeks and your last two salary statements in your login area.

Can I contact the bank investors as a borrower?

No, bank shows you through a transparent map of Germany who benefits from your interest paid. A direct contact with the persons behind it is not possible. The protection of personal rights has priority.

Apply for credit

Why do I have to specify my mobile phone number when requesting the condition?

We send to your mobile number a so-called mobile TAN , which you must enter during the condition request. bank confirms the seriousness of your condition inquiry with the Mobile-TAN. In addition, we can make sure that only you can see the conditions for you.

How do I know if my loan application has been approved?

The status of your loan application will be displayed in your personal login area. Here you see z. For example, if we still need missing documents from you. You will also see your planned interest and repayments later in your login area.

What information do I get as a borrower in my login area?

In addition to the status of your loan application and your later-on-the-go renovation loan, you can view all the information you have provided to us, such as: For example, your account records and your personal entries. You will also see how much you have already repaid from your renovation loan and how much you still have to pay. On your personal Germany map you can see who receives your paid interest.

When will the payment of my renovation loan be made?

Before paying, bank will need your <# F3 / 2/5 # signed loan agreement and the signed loan brokerage agreement #>. Both contracts will be provided to you after successful preliminary approval online in your login area and sent by e-mail. You can then digitally sign both contracts. Afterwards our credit experts will check your details. If there are no queries on our part, your loan application will be included in the Germany portfolio for matching . A payment can be made immediately. The renovation loan will be paid to you through our <# F1 / 1/5 # Service Bank #>.

Why do I need two contracts as a borrower?

You conclude a brokerage contract with bank, because as a competent and secure technology service provider, we can fulfill your credit request much faster and more efficiently than others. You can conclude the loan agreement with our <# F1 / 1/5 # Servicebank #>, since in Germany renovation loans may only be granted by banks with a corresponding license .

When do I receive the loan agreement?

Image result for renovation loanbank offers in your login area the <# F3 / 2/5 # contracts #> as PDF document for download and also sends it to your e-mail address. You will receive the contracts as soon as we are able to provisionally approve your renovation loan after having checked your details. Please note that after the download of the contracts the online identification procedure and the digital signature will follow.

How can I identify myself as a borrower?

After automatically creating your <# F3 / 2/5 # contract documents #>, you will be unlocked for the online identification process . You can identify yourself online via the Video-Ident procedure and sign your contracts. All you need is a mobile phone, your ID card or passport and a webcam on your PC or a front camera on your smartphone. If you are unlocked for identification with the new ID card, you do not need a camera.

How is my individual interest rate set?

The credit rating is done in several steps. Within the condition request , your individual interest will be calculated based on your self-reported information on your financial, professional and family situation. Then your details will be validated and adjusted if necessary. This is followed, if necessary, by a manual review of a loan officer.

What is the credit score that bank gives me and what does it mean?

The credit score is a guideline for the bank investors, which is calculated on the basis of a scientifically recognized mathematical-statistical method and thus may deviate in individual cases from the actual life situation.

Can I change the term or the amount for my loan request at a later date?

You can change your desired data in your personal login area until the binding submission of your loan application at any time.

How does the automatic creation of my bank statements with my online banking access work?

All you have to do is log in to your online salary account as usual. With your consent we will automatically create your bank statements. Thus you save yourself the expression and the scanning.

Can I also upload my income and salary statements myself?

If you do not want to use our practical interface to your online banking, you can alternatively upload your documents. Please note that the loan approval process will take much longer in this case as it takes more time to review your records.

Can I take out a residual debt insurance and thus secure myself?

We currently offer no residual debt insurance. Please note that residual debt insurance does not always pay. Please consult an insurance specialist to determine whether it is worth concluding a residual debt insurance.

Do I have to provide collateral for my renovation loan?

As a private individual, you are currently not required to provide any other collateral other than the assignment of wage and salary claims to secure repayment claims.

Which data is reported to the Schufa?

We are obliged to report information to the Schufa according to our privacy policy . The Schufa will be informed by us if you receive a renovation loan and repay it on schedule. A notification will also be made if the renovation loan is not returned on schedule.

Is my data visible to investors?

No, information about the individual loan claims and the underlying borrowers is always displayed anonymously. Information that our <# F2 / 1/1 # Investors #> can see, such as your username, loan amount, and term, does not allow you to determine your identity. Please note that your username should not allow you to identify your true identity.

Can I submit several loan applications at the same time?

No, as long as your loan application has not been finalized, you can not place any more. Nevertheless, you can receive several renovation loans through bank. However, there must be at least 90 days between applications.

Interest and repayment

How do I transfer my monthly installments?

You conveniently transfer your monthly installments from your account by standing order. If you are unable to pay a rate, we will collect it from your reference account through our service bank using the SEPA direct debit system.

Can I repay my renovation loan early?

You can repay your renovation loan early at any time. Here, a prepayment penalty is due. At certain dates specified in the price and service schedule, you can redeem part of your renovation loan prematurely at no charge. One year after disbursement, you can redeem the entire balance of your renovation loan prematurely at no charge on these dates.

What happens if I can not pay my loan installments on time?

Please contact us immediately if there are any payment difficulties. We will do our best to find a solution together with you. Once a rate is not paid, you will be contacted by us in the first few days. If we do not reach you or do not find a common solution, you will receive a first reminder. This process repeats after the lapse of another 14 days. If the payment arrears are not settled after a repeated reminder, we will terminate your loan agreement in accordance with § 498 BGB with appropriate notice. Thereafter, you will receive an invoice for the outstanding sum including the default interest incurred plus any further damage caused by default. If we do not hear anything from you, we will hand the case over to our debt collection partner company, which will take over all further steps. Please note that we are obliged to notify payment delays to the Schufa .


What does my right of withdrawal look like?

You have the right, after conclusion of the loan agreement, to revoke it within 14 days without giving reasons. A revocation must be sent either by e-mail to or by letter to Fidor Bank AG c / o bank GmbH, Im Vogelsgesang 1a, 60488 Frankfurt am Main. You will be informed separately in your loan agreement about your right of withdrawal.

Credit Amount: 2,500.00 € to 25,000.00 €
Eff. APR: from 1.99% pa *
Running time: 12 months to 60 months
Account management: 0 €

* Credit provided. Repr. Example: Eff. Annual interest 4.62%, b. Debit interest 3.70% pa, net loan amount 7.500 €, term 3 years, commission once 1.25% of the net loan amount.



Loan request »immediate payment


1. Determine rate anonymously

Without registration, submit a free non-binding condition request for a loan. You will receive your individual interest rate immediately after confirmation via Mobile TAN.

Image result for loan

2. Complete application

Log in and identify yourself online. You do not need printed documents for your loan. You can upload your bank statements via your online salary account.

3. Submit application

Print the contracts, sign both documents and drop them in the nearest mailbox. The payment of your loan will be made promptly with the next matching.

The credit of bank

bank offers you a fast and uncomplicated loan application. You have the opportunity to carry out a quick and non-binding rate determination. Registration is not necessary. Only then do you decide whether you accept the conditions.

The money is provided to you by private investors. The repayment takes place as usual monthly and is handled by our partner bank. Our job is to bring borrowers and investors together so that you can benefit from favorable terms. All you have to do is take care of the eradication. You can easily follow them in the login area at

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How does the bank loan work?

With bank you borrow the money directly from the investor. The interest you pay will benefit the people who make the money available to you.
bank itself only receives a small commission to offer you the service for your loan.

Cheap and flexible
We offer you low interest rates and a flexible repayment on your loan.

Anonymous rate determination
Your credit installments will be determined anonymously and without registration for you.

Without documents
You do not need any documents for your loan.

Immediate condition commitment
You will receive an immediate conditional commitment for your loan.

Fast processing
You do not need more than 10 minutes to contract for your loan.

Video Identification
You can easily identify yourself from home or on the go.

running time Borrowing rate * Commission** Eff. APR *
12 months 2.99% 0.25% 3.51%  
24 months 3.46% 0.75% 4.27%  
36 months 3.70% 1.25% 4.62%  
48 months 3.95% 1.50% 4.81%  
60 months 4.10% 1.75% 4.92%  

* The information provided is merely an indication by bank. The actual loan interest rates may differ.
** The commission is dependent on maturity and creditworthiness and is payable once upon payment. These can be found in our price and service specifications.

Our services

Image result for loanWith your individual credit account, you can keep track of your credit throughout the term. In your login area, you’ll see all the information about your credit, as well as your personal details and information about the investors who have invested in your credit project.

Condition calculation and loan offer FREE  
Open bank account FREE  
account management FREE  
early repayments (once a quarter) FREE  
payment reminder FREE  
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) EUR 7.50  


Interim repayment & early repayment

  • The loan is repayable at any time
  • Interim repayments can easily be made
  • Refund dates without prepayment penalty can be found in the price and service list


Instant Loan: Instant Commitment; 24h Payout


Apply for instant loan online

Image result for instant loanIf you need to go fast, Giromatch Instant Loan is just the ticket! We offer a loan that you can apply for from home in just minutes.

  • Request credit immediately without registration
  • Online lockable: without paper with 24h immediate payment
  • Free instant confirmation in seconds
  • Free & flexible repayment of instant loan

In contrast to banks and large banks, we do without long-term processes, paperwork and unclear questionnaires. Because an instant loan must be paid immediately.

To stay true to our promise, our entire online process takes place online, so the instant loan can be applied for in minutes. All you need is your information and a smartphone or a laptop. Take the chance and apply for Giromatch Credit!

When is an instant loan worthwhile?

Image result for instant loanAn instant loan (sometimes called “24h credit”) is especially worthwhile in cases where time is short and fast money is needed. Whether it’s an important medical intervention, a home purchase, or a car repair, an instant loan can help you quickly get financial solutions.

The Giromatch “Sofort Kredit” is suitable for just such cases, as it is requested quickly online and without income proof in paper form. This is a decisive advantage over the usual bank loan: it takes several days to get feedback on the credit of a classic bank. But you want the loan instantly on your account and the payout must be fast. Giromatch’s instant loan offers an ideal solution for this: save your way to the bank and apply for the instant loan online on a PC or smartphone. You will receive the commitment to the loan immediately and the payment will be made directly after receipt of the contract by direct bank transfer.

This simple and fully automated process relieves you of all the work that you know from the classic banking process for a loan: no consultation, no overhead in collecting documents, and no waiting period of several days until the instant loan is approved and disbursed. The loan request and credit check are made within a few minutes.

  • Immediate feedback with credit decision
  • Immediate confirmation after 5 minutes
  • Online and digital: paperless and without a way to the post office

Required documents for the Giromatch instant loan

  • Internet access & modern web browser
  • E-mail address for sending the contract documents
  • Bank statements (via online banking or as PDF / Scan
  • Smartphone with camera or PC with webcam
  • Identification document (identity card or passport)

Tips for the instant loan – so it works with the immediate payout

The quick loan is designed for a payout in hours. The loan request will only be made online and you will receive an instant confirmation of financing. In the best case you will receive after 5 minutes an individual and system-checked credit offer for your instant loan. To make your personal online loan as easy as possible, consider the following tips when applying for the loan:

  1. Have relevant information ready for the exam

    This includes information such as your income from an employment relationship, the possession of a car or a property. But also personal data on the origin or the relationship status can be relevant.

  2. Select the desired conditions of your instant loan

    Choose a loan rate that matches your financial circumstances. A low credit rate usually allows for more freedom, as the rates are lower over the duration of the loan. A longer term usually brings with it a higher lending rate.

  3. Save paperwork and use the online check

    By using the Digital Account Checker, you do not need to upload any documents and complete the loan immediately. Through an interface to your bank, you can verify information on inputs and expenses.

Instant loan with fast payout – video identification makes it possible

The instant loan with 24h payout is the right solution for cases where a fast loan is needed. The loan with immediate commitment offers you a tailor-made personal loan, making it a financial solution just in case. And the advantage of instant credit: By using video identification you can legitimize yourself online. This saves you having to go to the post office and you can shorten the duration of the loan application. Unlike the installment loan from a bank, you save a lot of time and effort to payout. Through this solution, the loan is paid directly after the contract and meets your request: An instant loan with fast payout .

This information is required for immediate payment:

  • Labor income and regular expenses (rent etc.)
  • Demographic information (place of residence, date of birth)
  • Identification document for identification

We offer flexibility – free repayment of the instant loan

Flexibility is also important for an instant loan . At Giromatch, you may therefore prematurely repay your loan at any time. Depending on the timing, a prepayment penalty may apply. At certain times, Giromatch waives the prepayment penalty, which means you will not have to pay any further interest or fees, but will pay off completely for free. These dates with free eradication can be found in the price and services list.

Basically, the premature costs for a decision on early repayment are based on the provisions of § 502 BGB. However, Giromatch offers you to redeem the Online Instant Loan on a quarterly basis at 25% of the net loan amount. From the second year on, you can repay the entire loan every quarter and repay your loan at no additional cost.

How much is the loan?

Your individual credit account allows you to keep track of your credit at all times. In your login area you will see all information about your credit. This includes, in addition to the previous repayments, access to your personal data.

For example, if you move or change your bank, you can change your credit information here online . In the Giromatch Dashboard you can also see which investors financed your instant loan. This allows you full transparency in the credit overview.

open an account FREE  
account management FREE  
Condition calculation and loan offer FREE  
early repayments (once a quarter) FREE  
payment reminder FREE  
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) EUR 7.50  

What are the requirements for an instant loan?

Make a free and non-binding request and you will receive an instant confirmation in a few seconds. You do not have to register to see if you can apply for a loan immediately. However, the specification of your data must be correct. This includes income, employment and, for example, a Schufa entry. Indicate whether you want to apply for the loan with negative Schufa.

Only when we know if you want an instant loan without Schufa , we can make you an individual offer. The feedback will be sent to you immediately. If the commitment is successful, you have the option to choose from up to 5 different offers, which differ in terms of duration and rate. After selecting the desired loan, you can quickly verify your details online and apply for the loan.

Who can apply for an instant loan with immediate payment?

In principle, anyone who is resident in Germany and has a German bank account can apply for an online loan . You also have to be of legal age for Giromatch Sofortkredit. Our personal loan is designed to help as many people as possible find a financial solution that will satisfy them. Therefore, our requirements for a loan are based on very basic criteria. The credit criteria include, inter alia, an existing employment relationship for the duration of the loan.

In this way, we make sure that you are not over-indebted. In addition, we ask for information about the regular income and expenses that you make. If this information coincides with the basic credit profile, we can offer you a non-binding interest rate offer, which you will then confirm in the further credit process. Our goal is to find a fair solution for all involved and to open as many people as possible the easy way to instant loan.


Loan by Private »With Instant Commitment 24h Payout


Private credit – reputable, fast and easy

Image result for private loanbank is a credit platform and arranges loans from private to private. We automatically connect you with private individuals who lend you money and provide it in the form of a loan – automatically in a few minutes. We have uniquely combined the best of banks and credit marketplaces for our loan, with no upfront or processing fees. This means for your credit request: anonymity, discretion and a quick payout. Your benefits at a glance:

  • Credit from private to private
  • Automatic assignment with private donors
  • Serious and discreet: you always remain anonymous
  • Fast payout through automatic matching

How do I apply for a personal loan from bank?

Matching with private individuals and payout

To apply for a loan privately, loan seekers often had to create and reveal a “loan project” on online platforms, for which they want to use the loan privately. Most of this process was associated with a lot of effort and time. With bank Private Loan, you do not have to disclose a project, but can go through a simple and quick loan application. The bank Matching Algorithm will do the work for you and you will be automatically connected to other individuals – saving you time and effort, and keeping your home loan completely anonymous. Your loan application will never be disclosed and treated confidentially by the bank system. Thus, we combine the advantages of a bank loan with the advantages of a private loan: direct networking from private to private in the anonymity of a bank loan.

Image result for private loan

Private credit is becoming increasingly popular, even in Germany. While the UK and the US already realize billions of loans a year, Germany was in arrears for years. But with modern credit platforms, private credit is also booming in Germany. Three-digit million volumes are transferred annually from private to private and thus form an important cornerstone in economic development. The Private Loan, also known as “peer-to-peer (P2P)” or “private”, closes a gap for many people who are no longer just consulting the bank for financial solutions , Loan privately without Schufa , this was the new solution for borrowers who do not get credit from the bank. But today, many prefer the convenience and ease of use of credit marketplaces and see the private-for-home factor as the driving factor for home loans, which is why high-credit-worthiness borrowers are also looking for online platforms.

bank credit by private explains: this is how the matching work

What are the advantages of having a home loan?

  • Borrow up to € 25,000 from home
  • Up to 60 months duration
  • Flexible repayment options

The loan from private brings with it several advantages. Unlike ordinary bank loans, you do not have to go through a multitude of bureaucratic hurdles, but apply for home credit from home. The requirements for the large number of documents, checks and advisory appointments also fall away at bank. The private loan is requested in a few minutes and automatically transmitted to private investors – he is from the process like an online loan . To do this, you use the digital bank statements in the application process so that the system can automatically assess what your credit rating is, in order to be able to convey you to private individuals if you have a successful agreement of interest. Of course, the loan application for the loan from Privat for you is completely free and free of charge. After completing the loan application, you identify yourself online and sign your loan agreement offer. The signature also takes place online at bank with the eSign . Your loan will be paid out immediately – at best in a few hours.

How does a home loan work?

Basically, a loan is requested by private similar to a classic personal loan. You submit a loan application, fill out personal information, if necessary, you agree to a Schufa statement and then receive the loan agreement. In the case of private credit, the credit platform often checks your credit rating and decides whether or not to obtain a loan, which is why it can have different prerequisites (private without Schufa). Although the money comes from private lenders, each loan is privately issued by a regulated and KWG-licensed bank (called a “service bank”). The granting of credits by licensed banks is a legal requirement, which is why each credit platform and every “private loan” provider cooperates with a bank. The payments are made through accounts of the service bank, which pass on the interest and principal payments to the private individuals, who provide the loan to the borrowers privately.

You need this to apply for a personal loan:

  • Laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Internet access and web browser (eg Chrome or Firefox)
  • E-mail address for sending the loan documents
  • Budgetary statement (revenue / expenditure account)
  • Identification document for legitimation

Credit from person to person – everyone wins

Contrary to the bank loan, the money comes from bank Privatkredit from private persons and investors (so-called crowdlending). As a result, interest payments are not made to a bank, but to private investors, for whom the loan is a private asset class. Also at bank, the interest and principal payments are forwarded to private individuals, who benefit from receiving higher interest rates than, for example, on a current or overnight money account. This creates a win-win situation: Borrowers receive an attractive loan offer and lenders receive an adequate return on their investment.


How to find the cheapest loans

Image result for cheap loan

It is an expensive world we live in, and often it may be necessary for any of us to borrow some money to cover unforeseen expenses. It may be you get a bill from the workshop which was a little more expensive than you might have been promised in the phone. But it does not always have to be unforeseen expenses.

Sometimes it may also be necessary to borrow money to repair the house, and in some cases it may actually make sense to borrow money – if you can invest the money in something that makes sense to you financially. As an example, I have just borrowed money to buy a new car. The old car could still run – and it did not fail as such. But when I looked through my gas bills , I could quickly conclude that the car was incredibly expensive. So I borrowed some money to buy a new car, which on the other hand goes three times as far on the lighter as my old one, switched from petrol to diesel, and saved a damn lot of money in insurance and taxes. All by taking out a loan. So sometimes it can make good sense.

But when you need to go out and borrow a loan, it is of course a good idea to get it as cheap as possible. And there can be very big differences in what it actually costs to borrow money. Everything from foundation costs to interest rates – and yes even even payment fees can fluctuate greatly, and this also means that there can be a lot of money to save if you look properly.
Even if you are not so keen on economics, or if it is not here that you have the greatest interest, it may make sense to investigate things yourself, rather than just go to the bank. And gradually it has become so user-friendly and easy to find information that everyone can find out.

Locate the computer

Image result for cheap loanIf you are discussing finances and loans with your circle today, the vast majority will most likely say that you should of course borrow your money from the bank and that you should stay away from the online sites. Some may even go so far as to call online loans for “debt traps” and make you troubled by telling horror stories.

The media also did not immediately help public opinion about online loans, and they are often portrayed as being impossible to see through, and only scams. However, it is far from reality.

Firstly, the law in Denmark is so strict, and the requirements are so great that it is virtually impossible to run a loan business without complying with all applicable rules and norms. And besides, you have a huge advantage if you yourself examine your loan options online – here you can do so in peace and quiet without sitting personally with your bank advisor and feel compelled to accept the bank’s offer.

In addition, it is basically far more user-friendly to look for your loans online than trying to figure out the banks’ overviews. There are several websites that constantly compare the latest offers and loans from all over the world – so with a computer under the arm, it has become relatively easy to find Denmark’s cheapest lenders .

The various websites vary slightly in their functions and design. Some of them have just one long list of different providers, but we recommend that you find one of the pages with an online loan calculator. Here you simply enter the amount you want to borrow and the number of months you want to pay off on the loan. Then you automatically get a list of the providers that offer what you need and here you can easily and quickly see the interest and expenses associated with the loans. Some calculators even state what it all costs you to take the loan, with everything included.

Find other roads

If it is small amounts you have to borrow; for example, new tires for the car, a new washing machine – or perhaps a veterinary bill, then you can often ask the dealer if it is possible to split the bill into several small chunks, or possibly just pay the bill next month. You need to keep in mind that companies are also interested in making money, and it doesn’t take the vet many minutes to figure out that it is necessary to provide some flexibility in payment if they want you as a customer.

If it is not possible to split the bill directly into the store, then it may sometimes be an idea to ask the family for advice. Here you will typically not have to pay interest or foundation costs, and the vast majority of people want to help where they can.

However, if you want to involve the family in your finances, we recommend that you do so with very careful consideration. It can create really bad mood and a lot of discord if you borrow money from the family without being able to repay them. It is not worth putting household peace over, just to save a few hundred in interest. It is also important to point out that everything in the world must ensure that there are clear guidelines for how the money is to be repaid. If this is not the case, then two people who have both been in good faith can suddenly end up in trouble.

Regardless of how and how, you will not forget that in the vast majority of cases, you will cost money to borrow money. Therefore, one must of course always do it with care, and always be sure that one can pay it back one owes. If you are sure of that, you avoid getting into financial difficulties and then it doesn’t necessarily have to be dangerous to borrow money – not even over the net.

We hope this little article has helped you find out how to find the best and cheapest loans for your particular situation – and wish you good luck and good luck.


Favorable loan


The Cheap Credit: Top Interest & Easy Application

Image result for favorable loanThe reasons to borrow money are many. You may want to finance a new car, a home or even bridge a financial bottleneck. Loans are offered by many banks, but not all on the same terms. Therefore, you should be careful to get the lowest possible interest. With low interest rates, you can save money in the long term. bank offers cheap online loans with instant promises that are conveniently completed right on your phone. You only need to complete the loan application online and complete it with a digital signature. The signature is also made online. This eliminates all paper documents. This saves not only time, but also costs – and makes the loans cheap!

How To Apply For Cheap Loans – In 3 Steps

A cheap online loan provides the desired liquidity and provides financial freedom. It is important to find a loan that also includes favorable terms.

Choose a suitable offer and make sure that you are satisfied with the interest offered to you. Another important point is the duration. The longer the term, the higher the interest. A good offer also includes a low interest rate for a long term, so a favorable interest rate does not have a huge impact on the total loan amount. In addition, if you list the purpose of a loan application, this can have a positive effect. Collateral reduces the risk of default by the bank. As a result, you are usually offered more favorable terms. For example, if you want to buy a car , you should include the purpose of the financing. Because the vehicle can then serve as security and secure you favorable conditions. In order for the bank to take no chances and you receive the favorable loan immediately, it may happen that the car letter will be withheld. In the case of non-repayment, the bank is able to sell the vehicle and repay the loan. So, when you specify the purpose of the loan application, you can almost always expect an immediate commitment.

The cheap online loan for debt restructuring

You can also use your loan to replace an old, more expensive debt by reposting a loan . This is also known as credit transfer. All your debts are pooled and replaced by a loan. You benefit from the favorable conditions, since you only have to pay one installment per month. Furthermore, a credit line can be offset by bank loans, as usually a cheaper interest rate exists. A cheap online loan helps you to come down from the high interest rates and balance your account at once. Multiple loans can be combined into one big one so that the financial burden can be made clearer and easier. A low interest rate loan can thus help you in several ways. The loan may also have a positive effect on a negative Schufa. Negative entries are stored over three or five years. With a cheap loan you can summarize all debts and ensure that after the deadline your SCHUFA is clean again. Only the cheap credit is saved. Since there is only one position left in a Schufa query, you benefit from it. No matter for what purpose you are looking for a cheap loan, pay attention to the conditions that are offered to you. A favorable interest rate makes it possible to make smaller installments for the repayment, so that you can act financially independent.

Credit application: What should be considered?

Image result for favorable loanThere are a few facts to keep in mind that you will not be in any cost trap. First and foremost, you need to be aware of the loan amount. The higher the amount, the higher the term, which favors a higher interest rate. Therefore, you should only use the amount that you really need. Your loan is completed at a specific interest rate. This is often tied to the term and is set from the beginning. There is also the APR. Very cheap loans have a low interest rate, which causes no horrendous additional costs. A favorable loan is only really cheap if the institute offers you favorable interest rates and also grants special repayments. Fill out the loan application below and benefit from an immediate commitment to your cheap online loan. You do not have to print and sign the application because the application is submitted by means of a digital signature. A cheap online loan can hardly be applied for easier.

Summary: What should I watch out for?

Fast processing

Cheap does not only mean good prices. Cheap may well mean that you get the money immediately promised and in the next few days in your account. Applying for financing from traditional banks can take a long time. Make sure you have the money in your account on time. A loan with immediate payment is ideal. Because you have the money usually already in the morning on the account.


You should make sure that you have the right to repay the money ahead of time. Because with it you can save money in the form of interest savings.


If you need financing for a specific purpose, it may be worthwhile specifying this purpose when making the loan request. Some providers offer special terms for specific uses.

Collateral for your financing

It is always good if you can deposit any collateral. When buying from a vehicle, or when you need money to buy or renovate your home, there is already a security that speaks in favor of a commitment. However, you can also take out a loan if you can not raise any collateral. A third party guarantee could be a way to get a cheap loan right away. A favorable credit can also be taken if you can provide collateral, such as life insurance. These can be assigned to the bank to obtain a lower interest rate.

Cheap Online Credit: Your Benefits

power Giro Match bank loan
Free loan application    
Comparison: choose the best offer    
Fast credit decision    
Complete online    
From bank or from private    

Cheap credit – you have to keep that in mind

As a rule, anyone can get a loan with favorable interest rates. But before you look for a cheap loan, a household bill is helpful. This will allow you to calculate the exact loan amount and a maximum installment that you can spend on a monthly basis. Because it does not help you if a cheap loan is granted, which you can not repay after a certain period of time. That’s why it’s important to keep a close eye on costs. Many loans are only granted if you have a permanent job and a certain minimum income. The institution wants to make sure that the money can be repaid without collateral. The Bank uses certain minimum amounts to calculate the cost of living. It is therefore important that you provide accurate and honest information. Only then can a loan be awarded, which you can easily pay back. Unfortunately, there are also many black sheep, the dubious offers grant. They recognize you by unattractive conditions and liabilities that are too high that you generally can not cope with. It is best not to rely on the calculations of a bank, but to set up their own bill. If all the facts and dates are correct, a loan can be awarded with instant confirmation .

In a few steps to your money

If you do not have your costs in view, it helps to get an overview of the loan application. Use your bank statements and mark both regular and irregular costs that you have had in the past six or nine months. This period is necessary because there may be irregular payments, such as car insurance or old-age pensions, which are due monthly rather than half-yearly or every three months. Calculate existing installments or calculate the amount on the desired loan amount on it, in order to pay off old debt rather. Do not forget rent, electricity and other costs when calculating. If a move is planned, which carries further costs or when is the next vacation, what costs must be covered in relation to it. Once you have an overview of the expenses, you’ll need to aggregate your monthly earnings. This includes income, social benefits such as child benefit, housing allowance or other sources of income. A comparison of the two amounts will tell you exactly how much you will need to repay the loan and how long you should apply for the loan.

Cheap Online Credit – Complete in minutes!

There are many ways to get a loan and favorable interest rates. However, if you want an instant confirmation, the solutions are limited. The advantage of a cheap online loan is that it can be applied for immediately using the form. After the application is completed, a digital signature is used. This eliminates the entire paperwork and you do not need to print a request, fill out and send it to the bank. If you do not have a printer anyway, the contract will be mailed in most cases. Again, fill out the application, sign, use the postident legitimacy and send back. This would waste valuable time in which you could devote yourself to other things. With a loan all these passages become obsolete and you profit from the fast processing and above all an immediate promise. The application for credit does not always entail long waiting times, but can be granted immediately with the right partner at the site.

How is a cheap loan with immediate commitment possible?

You do not always have to wait forever for the commitment to your loan. The duration at other institutes is due to the processing of the individual inquiries. The paperwork has to be done, with employees dealing extensively with the topic. Your credit and a license for it, so also depends on the staff. If you ask for money from a bank, it looks similar. After a personal conversation in the bank branch, a credit check is carried out. That can take days. After this check, you will be notified by your bank adviser whether you will receive the loan or not. The situation is different when you apply for a loan broker such as bank, which prepares suitable offers in a few seconds. The transfer will take between a few hours to about three working days, depending on the loan you have chosen. If you need the money right away, some providers offer you the possibility to pay by lightning transfer (see also bank Express Credit ). Once the money is in your account, you can fulfill your dreams and wishes. With a loan that also offers favorable interest rates and favorable conditions, you are on the safe side in the long term and can enjoy life to the fullest.

Fast and easy – take your chance!

Immediately fill out the loan application, enter your data and the desired amount, sign it with your digital signature and receive a binding loan commitment just seconds later. Immediately and without waiting times! Benefit from favorable interest rates, good conditions and a loan amount according to your ideas. Leave expensive loans with high interest rates and rely on a partner who acts customer-oriented. Easier to approve a cheap online credit.